My Happy List for the week


I'd rather be happy than rich. Being happy means I'm grateful for things, even if they appear small or unusual to others. Doing the Happy List like this makes me sit and think about the good things I have in life, even if some days all I can think of is television, or that Ian didn't spit up straight down the middle of my shirt that morning. So here it is, this week's Happy List!

The wonderful Mamarazzi is giving away a prize for people who post their happy lists and link up. So go and post already!

I'm happy it's finally Autumn.
I was seriously tired of 100+ temperatures. I know the dogs were tired of it too. Bishop is so happy it's cooled off outside, we can't even get him to come inside most nights unless it's raining, and even then he whines and screams (if you've ever seen this dog, you know what I mean) to be let outside. I'm happy I can sit on my front porch without melting now.

I'm happy my baby is cooing and smiling at me now.
That little smile was just a reflex until last week. Now he does it whenever he gets worked up, during diaper changes (he can't stand a dirty diaper), clothing changes, and when I sing to him. He almost had a full out-loud giggle today too, not just his happy "Aaaaahhhh!" that he's been doing this last week. Also it makes me feel good, like he doesn't see me as simply an all-he-can-eat dairy bar.

I'm happy Doctor Who is over for the season.
I'm getting tired of Eleven's habit of wallowing in self-pity and self-loathing, but I liked Amy, Rory and River's story arc. I'm happy that I figured it all out in "Let's Kill Hitler" because hey... a time-traveling, shape-changing robot. Everyone saw that coming, they just didn't think it would be that simple. And the question that must never be answered? Who out there didn't immediately remember Jackie Tyler's irritating voice asking "Doctor who?" Everyone thought that, and again no one wanted to think it could be that simple. I'm glad I'm that simple. I'm happy it's all over until next year. And I'm happy that maybe they've hinted at Eleven's end soon because he's not my favorite Doctor. He's right behind Colin Baker as one of my least-favorite Doctors, but at least Pertwee is ahead of both of them. Sorry, fellow Whovians, but Nine and Ten will always jostle for postion as the best of the new series, while Four reigns supreme for the original series.

I'm happy Dexter is back on.
Really I'm just happy to see Edward James Olmos getting a paycheck again. But it's weird seeing him as anything other than Admiral Adama now.

I'm happy I can write blogs while feeding Ian.
I've stacked up pillows in my lap and can hold him here in the crook of my elbows while I type. Now if I can just get him to settle down in a sling or wrap long enough for me to paint or sew something cool...

I'm happy we have such a happy baby (for the most part)
I'm also happy he hasn't been very sick or fussy. I'm know I'm probably jinxing it, but Ian's such a perfect angel 95% of the time. Yes, he demands to be constantly plugged in most of the day (I checked the little log on my iPod and was shocked to see that I spend between 5 and 9 hours nursing throughout the day, depending on if he's going through a growth spurt, tanking up for the night, or just feeling lonely or insecure). But other than the constant feeding, he's pretty much a mellow baby.

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  1. i am good being happy rather than rich too! love your sentiments on the topic.

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. Soooo many awesome things to be happy for! :) I love your blog and I adore you, just FYI. I really hope you like your package, I'm excited to send it.

    How sweet that you can blog and love on the baby.

    LOOOOVE Dexter, and LOOOOVE Dr. Who. Although I'm still in season 3-I'm going to be sad when David Tennant leaves. I'm a little in love with him. I need to get caught up.