Coloring contest

I read that babies are supposed to sleep 12-20 hours a day. Yeah, my baby didn't read that manual. Nor did he read the part about eating every 2-3 hours. Instead, he eats every hour to hour-and-a-half. He does sleep for a good 4 hour stretch at night, then a 3 hour stretch, but once he wakes up during the day, that's it. He's awake until bedtime and he's eating every single hour on the hour some days.

This coloring contest from Letraset and the Diva's weekly tangle challenges are the only way I can do any art these days, and even the coloring pattern took me a full week to color. But it's for a chance to win a set of Letraset markers. Everyone knows I'm a marker junkie -- and not just for the smell! And if you want something to just mindlessly color or meditate with (it is a mandala, after all) enter the contest here!

I used my Tombow marker set, along with an aqua brush to fade out some of the colors. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner anymore, so I have to photograph everything and crop it down in Preview, that's why you can still see the wrinkly paper from the watercoloring. 

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  1. Wow. Even my ultra-active little nerds would take a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoons. Ian's got some serious energy! LOL

  2. Awe bummer that your little guy didn't read the sleep manual. I'll cross my fingers for you that in the next few weeks he decides sleep is something he loves. Funny thing is... once he does start sleeping a lot, you will think he is sleeping too long & go check on him. LOL.

    Love the artwork! I am such a sucker for anything really colorful. Speaking of colors... I CANNOT wait to ship out your purple package tomorrow. I hope you like all the goodies I got you :)