How do cats know exactly where you are going to step and when? And then, why do they look at you like you're the complete jerk for stepping on them when they run up under your foot, no matter how wide you step to avoid stepping on them in the first place?

Resolution for March: I'm going to stop feeling bad for stepping on my cat when it's his fault.

In other news, it's almost April. That means I need to finish and post my art journal calendar for the month of April, as part of the Art Calendar 365 challenge, from thekathyrnwheel.

I stumbled across her blog a couple of weeks ago, and bookmarked it, fully intending to get right on making an art calendar for March, but with birthdays and setting up my new Etsy shop , things kinda got away from me. But this time, for sure! I'm already halfway finished with April's calendar, and hope to have it done tonight or tomorrow.

I promise..., really.

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