Altered book pages

It's been forever since I posted, yes, but only because I've been feeling creatively blocked... stuck... blah.

I started doing SARK's Journal and Play!book exercises and started doodling, then signed up for a few groups on Ning! (, mostly art journal communities and mixed media/abstract groups. I did it for inspiration, support and networking because the only way I'm going to make a living off my art is to get out there and show what art I have right now to the world.

Sadly, these aren't for sale (not like anyone would buy sword swallowing art journal pages anyway), only because they're in a permanent altered book that's still a work-in-progress (isn't everything I do?).

a list of injuries commonly sustained by sword-swallowers

fire eater!

"HUMBUG" is from an episode of X-Files (the only good episode, really), starring members of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, and other circus sideshow performers.

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