First to Buy special treat!

I love geocaching and when the weather is nice like this, I love to find all the newly posted caches in the area and try to be the first to find (FTF) because there's usually some nifty little present in there for you to say "Hey, thanks for finding this!" I love this concept, but in honesty, I've only ever been a FTF once -- a local cacher and friend here usually beats me to finding every single one (maybe I should partner with him in these mad hunts for Tupperware hidden in the woods?).

I am one sale away from my very first sale in my Etsy shop. So as a treat to the very first buyer, they will get a special handmade glass bead stretch bracelet (a $10 value) that matches whichever item they purchase. If they buy more than one item in that first sale, I'll throw in a bracelet for every item!

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1 comment:

  1. Geocaching sounds intriguing!
    'Glad to have learned about this from you.
    Thank you!