Favorite Colors Swap -- the Goodies edition!


As part of Mamarazzi's Favorite Colors swap, I've made a new awesome bloggy friend: Myya over at Myya Says...  She's just the coolest chick ever and has the most adorable little girls.

I got my swap package yesterday evening and did it ever cheer me up (the last couple of days have been kind of crummy). All the purple-y goodness made me smile. I totally forgot to take a pic of everything all wrapped up, but it was wrapped in yummy cupcake printed tissue paper.

Excuse the slight blur on some of these photos; I couldn't use the flash last night because it's the one thing that startles Ian. Loud, sudden noises don't faze this kid, but camera flashes startle him and make him cry (or wake him up, then make him cry). 

Look at all these wonderful pretties! Myya is so sweet and generous. I love everything!

Awesome onesie, adorable Looney Tunes shirt and a teether/rattle for the Squeaky Burrito. 

Yummy scrapbooking papers, pens, notebook, bling stapler, embellishments and stamp pad.

Soft velvety gloves, hair flowers, purple nail polish (one's a glitter!) and cozy socks.

STICKERS!!! Pirate stickers! I <3 stickers!

Lavender & chamomile stress relieving lotion (which I desperately needed!), anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer (again desperately needed), shower scrubbie, water bottle and grape flavored Propel packets (also needed because all I've have time to drink lately is Dr. Pepper, which can't be good for building my milk supply). 

Thank you for such a thoughful array of gifts, Myya! You're the best!

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  1. Holy crap that is one awesome package!! Yay!!

  2. PURPLETASTIC!! i just knew you and Myya would get along. i adore everything she sent, you both did a great job putting together thoughtful packages!

  3. So glad it brightened your day. I loved my goodies too!! I am looking forward to keeping in touch, getting to know you better & watching your wee one grow. I hope he cuts you a break pretty soon & lets you get a bit more rest. Hang in there mama it gets easier I promise :)

  4. what an awesome gift! love it.

    ps the bag you made for myya?! i die. i wish i could do stuff like that.

  5. You guys BOTH sent each other awesome packages!!
    I would LOVE a Roadrunner shirt for ME! I wonder if they make them in GINORMOUS FAT LADY size...?
    Congrats on the new baby...baby boys are the best! I have 2 boys and wouldn't trade them for anything.

  6. I LOVE those socks! Purple argyle!!!!! Purple is my second favorite color, so I'm super jealous of all that you got! A total score!! :D Myya did awesome!

  7. Purple rocks (it was my color of choice too) and that is one awesome purple package!!