Our interwebs went crazy last week.

Seems that when CenturyLink installed our DSL, they installed a "temporary" line running from the pole to the house. There's this thin orange cable running down the road (through the ditch and trees), across our driveway, around the back of our house and to the box on the side of the house. They were supposed to come out and bury this cable a few days after installation.

That was on August 12.
It has not been buried yet.

We've had road crews repaving our street and adding gravel and doing shoulder work the last two weeks. And last week, they broke the cable. Oh, they didn't tell us or anything. They just tried to twist it back together, then throw it up under some trees like it wasn't their fault. So every time the exposed wires would touch, the internet connection would go out.

A tech came out and fixed it last Saturday, so we finally have internet again.

As of yet, NO ONE has come out to bury that cable, despite us calling and bitching and CenturyLink claiming they've put a ticket in and someone should be out within 24 hours to bury it.

And we STILL have road crews working on this street almost every day. Who knows how much longer we'll have internet, if the crew cuts the cable again.

I have a few posts I'm trying to write, but it's been so difficult with the Little Man deciding not to take naps during the day EVER, and nursing CONSTANTLY. I'm pretty much tied to the couch feeding him, since he eats every hour, on the hour, all day, every day. It takes 30 minutes to feed him, he gurgles and kicks and squeaks for 30 minutes, then he wants food again. Not a pacifier, not formula... no he wants me, the all-he-can-eat walking dairy bar.

And don't tell me he's just going through a growth spurt. He's been doing this routine for the last three weeks. It was actually worse when he was going through a growth spurt -- he'd nurse for 10 minutes, doze for 5 minutes, then nurse again for 10, allllll day for about 3 days. Then he went back to the hourly feedings.

Supplementing with formula does no good. He can eat a good 6 ounces of formula, and STILL want Mom within 30 minutes.

I'm doing my best to give him what he needs, but there are days when I don't get to shower. Days when I feel guilty just for putting him down so I can go pee. Days when I don't eat until dinner because I can't disturb him or put him down long enough to fix something to eat, let alone eat it.

I hope it will get better soon. Mainly because I'm tired of smelling like a hillbilly from lack of bathing. And because I want to make a sammich and eat it all without dropping crumbs all over my baby.

And because I want to get back to blogging and photography and making MORE art. I still make some art because I can draw Zentangles while I'm nursing the Little Man, but I want to be able to make the scrapbook pages for him, and draw his nameplate for his room.

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  1. First of all cable companies are STUUUPID! We pay for the fastest service & it still sucks. Ugghhh don't even get me started LOL.

    Secondly, ohhh mama I so wanna come to your house & cuddle your little man on a daily basis so that you can shower & eat your sammy. It is so hard when all you want to do is make your little one happy & they don't want to cooperate when you need a second. I'd say keep trying that pacifier! Hang in there :)