No water and no AC make Homer something something...

Our water went out yesterday when part of an old line ruptured from the well to the house. Last year, a part of the same line split underneath the house, flooding the basement and shorting out the old oil furnace. Yikes! At least this time, the plumber didn't have to crawl under the house with all the creepy crawlies.

Today, the AC unit wasn't working. The repair man came out and found the culprit -- ants. They had somehow destroyed the contact on the unit, so our task this weekend will be to remove ALL leaf debris in a wide radius around the unit, jack it up off the ground using some bricks and dust the whole area with Sevin 5.

Ideally, I'd like to find some Sevin 10 because we have ticks and fleas like crazy (we live in the pine tree-covered Sandhills of NC -- there's no avoiding ticks and fleas here). My husband is a natural magnet for ticks (he finds one on him every time he walks outside), while I have some sort of natural tick repellant. Plus, I'm sick of little squash bugs eating up my squash.

On a brighter note, there are a couple of new things in the shop. First, my newest attempt at something different, the Bird's Nest pendant:

Next are some fun purses and a new Tree of Life pendant:

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  1. Yow! When it rains it pours! First the water, then the AC. I hope things settle down in the 'home repair' for you guys soon.

  2. Cool pendant. Also, your blog title is super! I found you through Etsy forums.

  3. The title of your post make me crack up, lol!

  4. The Simpsons are still a viable source of quotes/ripoffs, despite not being funny anymore. :)