Happiness is a warm duck

What is Easter without ducks? My mom's moscovy ducks are so personable. She has a flock of four (five?) that wander around her farm and get curious when I bring my 'art studio in a box' over to draw/paint in the garden. One little female is fascinated by my cell phone and tries to grab at it whenever she sees it. She also has a fondness for paintbrushes, I've discovered.

In other news, VOTE FOR ME! :)

Linda B's Jewelry Designs has her top 5 Etsy finds from last week, and I'm on the list! All I'm asking is for you to head on over to her blog and leave a comment for my floral cream skirt. While you're there, also check out her shop on Etsy. (This is one of my favorites.)

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  1. lol there is a duck that has been wandering around the trailer park i am in for a couple of weeks! he is pretty friendly, but maybe a bit TOO friendly, cause he wont move when you are driving away. lol


  2. Congrats on the win! The skirt is beautiful.

  3. Ducks are fun to feed! Sometimes we'll go to the park and feed the ducks, bringing many smiles. =)