New year, new blog (post).

This year, instead of New Year's 'resolutions' that are vague and general and easily forgotten, I've decided to do a Rez-O-Matic, where I set a few specific goals, and then for each month take easy baby steps to make each thing happen during the year.

This year, I plan to (key word: plan):
  • blog regularly
  • lose 45 pounds
  • organize my craft room
  • finish painting Ian's room
  • re-open the Etsy store and make it work
  • make more arts & crafts
  • make all my Christmas presents before October 31

The key to all of this is planning. And breaking down each bigger goal into bite-sized actionable steps. I've also planned a reward system. For each major goal I accomplish, I have set aside nice little gifts to myself in the form of playdates, new books and music, and even a sweet tattoo. I'm not working out just to lose weight, I'm working out so I can get Starbuck's wing tattoo on my left arm! And if I don't accomplish something on my list, I plan right now to not beat myself up about it. We shouldn't be motivated or discouraged by guilt or feelings of failure.

I didn't set vague goals because I didn't want to give up on them like I usually do. I don't want to "get in shape" or even drop specific pant sizes. After Ian was born, I sadly discovered I went up not one, but two whole pant sizes and one shoe size. 4 months later, and none of my rings fit, and only about half of my shoes fit (all my Chuck Taylors, thankfully). My entire body changed and I may never be a size 12 again because my hips seemed to have shifted slightly. Maybe they'll go back, maybe they won't, but my goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of the year.

None of my pants fit, so I had to go buy a few at Goodwill (I refuse to pay full price for pants I will hopefully only be wearing for a year or maybe less). None of my shirts were long enough -- suddenly it was like every shirt I owned became a midriff-baring top, and believe me, none of you want to see my midriff right now. Between Helga and Olga doubling in size (bra size, that is) and my midsection expanded and no longer toned, the fabric of my shirts just didn't go as far.

So rather than say I want to get back into my skinny size 12 jeans (I'm really tall, so size 12 is skinny for me), I'd rather lose poundage by exercising more and eating better. I set an amount of weekly exercise goals, not monthly weight loss because I know women plateau during dieting. As long as I meet my minimum set goals of exercise each week, I won't worry about the amount I lose. Indeed, if I actually do everything I have planned, I will probably lose about 60 pounds. But I'll be happy with 45 because that puts me back at my pre-pregger weight.

For blogging, well, I'm having to juggle a baby (between sides) and keeping the house up. The holi-daze are over, so I have more time to write, and when I do have time to write, I plan to stash extra posts and schedule them over time.

I will be checking in every week with my progress, so this blog will be my way of holding myself accountable. And it's a way to meet my first month's blogging goal of one post per week. I still have a few posts showing off all the Christmas presents I made for everyone this past season, so I will hopefully have at least 2 posts per week, maybe more with mommy blog posts and foodie posts. We'll see. But the important thing is to meet the smaller goal first, and ease into accomplishment.

So what New Year's goals did you set for yourself?

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  1. What great goals! I need to come up with a plan. I've got one sort of mapped out in my head but nothing actually written down to hold me to it. I think I need to be held to it, I better get motivated huh! Baby weight sucks... I've been holding on to mine for waaay too long. Booo!

  2. As you can probably tell, I'm catching up on posts. I love this one. I love your goals and the rewards that you set up for yourself. For me, this year I am determined to become in-shape. I want to lose weight but I am trying not to focus on the numbers. That's so hard for me. So, I am slowing becoming addicted to exercise and it's surprising. No weight loss yet but I am having fun.