Ian had his first taste of solids on Saturday.

As you can see, he was less than thrilled -- at first.

He was curious about it, but still didn't gobble it up. He took about 5 spoonfuls, then decided to tight-lip and make raspberry noises.

He's also sitting up like a boss when he has something to support him.

For a 4 month old, he's pretty large, weighing in at 18.9 pounds and 26.5 inches tall. He's bigger than a lot of nine-month-olds I've seen lately. I used to call him "Little Man" but lately I've been calling him "Gigantor" (and yes, I sing the theme song... "Gi-GANNNNNNN-tor! Gi-GANNNNN-tor!"). He giggles and just pulls himself up to standing in my lap, leaning against my ample boobage, and putting his forehead against mine.

It won't be long before he's walking, then running, away from his nerdy mama and then I'll be so sad that my little baby is no longer a baby. He'll be a toddler. Even now, I look at him and am amazed at how fast he went from being the tiny little scrunched-face squeaky burrito that would fall asleep on my chest regularly to being this big bouncy baby with the toddler face already.

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  1. Oh my gosh, he's sooooo cute. Look at that little face.

  2. Oohhh look at that chub. He is a DOLL!!!
    Time does go by wayyyy too quickly. I wish I could just bottle it up & save it for later. Sigh.

  3. He is such a little man. I can see his man face, already! Seriously, he is precious. I love his scowl in that last picture.