Recent art swaps

Art swaps are fabulous and the only way I can come up with ideas these days. 

Well, ideas that don't take weeks to complete (and with a baby, weeks = months when it comes to getting anything done these days -- I get no "me time" to work on major projects, so I'm almost to the point of wanting to throw all my art supplies away. It's frustrating...) 

All of these were done while nursing, holding a small Moleskine as a desk, in the air, over my son while  he curls up on a pillow, while carefully drawing and probably looking like a T-Rex holding a sketchbook.

These are all for the ZIA group on Yahoo!

ATCs for a leaf swap


Matchbook pages

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  1. Gosh, what you can do while nursing & being a T-Rex are beautiful! Better then I could ever dream to do. LOL

  2. love the black and white pieces:)
    we share the same passion for art