Weekly Zentangle Challenge - Initialize

I've been good at doing the weekly zentangle challenges put forth by the Diva. I have not been good about photographing or uploading or blogging my tangles, though. When you're moving slowly, both to a new house and physically (I move like a turtle and am about as useful as one, too), photos of new art falls by the wayside.

But I was good and photographed this week's challenge, a guest post from Christina Vandervlist. We were to draw our first and last initials, overlapping, and use this as the string for a tangle (or two).

I also photographed the last two weeks' worth of challenge tangles I did:

Week 29: String Theory Creative Genius
"Find a string around the house. Find a weight that has a hole in it. Tie your string to the weight. Set the weight on your tile and let the string slowly drop down onto your tile."

Week 28: "Trip to Tripoli"
Using the new tangle, Tripoli, a variation of a grid pattern (and I'm not fond of grids to begin with). This one was wonky and ugly no matter what I did. Straight lines and I just don't get along. These are the best of the ones I could come up with, and I'm still not liking how the tripoli parts turned out.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! ALL your challenge responses are gorgeous! That's it - you are hereby instructed to photo more of your artwork and post the darn pics!!!! [insert wagging finger image, other hand on hip}. Can't wait to see more from you! And I just LOVE the way you combined block and cursive letters - perfect!