Tangle of the Week challenge

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For this week's Tangle Weekly Challenge, we had an awesome string to fill -- a Zendela (the fusion of a mandala and Zentangle).

Here's my smaller one (3.5"x 3.5"):

I'm still working on the larger one on 8x11 paper, but can only do one little section at a time since my hands fall asleep after holding a pen for 15-20 minutes. I probably won't get it finished by tonight. :(

I did last week's challenge too, where we had to make a string of stripes and tangle those in, but I didn't get around to photographing and posting in time, so here they are:

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  1. Love your zendala. Great watercolour background!

  2. The watercolor background is wonderful and I love how you did different patterns in the large outer sections.