This is my attempt at collage in my visual journal. Inspired by the Sketchbook Challenge's theme for this month, Branching Out (Out on a Limb), I decided to try two new things: Citri-Solv backgrounds using National Geographic magazines, and then collaging them into the 'messy' book (i.e., my visual journal where I use up art supplies and sketch out things I find randomly on the ground).

I ended up with two finished spreads and one I'm going to use for a "New Maps" page, and add some journaling to it once I get the lettering finished. I'm not sure about the first spread -- they weren't intended to go together or match, so they don't. They were just first attempts trying out various materials and techniques. But I like the map background. I'm almost afraid to do anything more to it for fear of ruining it, but I have to get over that fear and forge ahead.

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  1. These collage works are great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel