The Morning After

After an extended vacation...

My faithful Sidekick/Hero (depends on the adventure, who plays the Sidekick) and I have returned from Florida. We visited his mom and other mom, we played around in the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios, and then we saw James, the best band on the entire planet, live at the House of Blues.

I love it when people say "Oh, James? I've never heard of him, what's his music like?" and I have to say "No, there are seven of them. It's a group of pretty British men with disarmingly gentle voices despite how sinister they might look in many of their photos."

But I hate it when people say "Oh, yeah, I love James Blunt."

There's more to music than what your Payola-era inspired radio station spits out at you, you know.

I ended up with Jim Glennie's guitar pick after the show. Jim is the one the band is named for (in the beginning, their choices were Gavan, Tim and James... Gavan sounded too metal, Tim sounded too effeminate, so they went with James). So I can actually say I have THE James' guitar pick.

A magical evening with Tim Booth standing/dancing 8 feet away from me most of the night. Saul, Mark and David all playing drums on "Stutter," a song from the rarest album that no one remembers until they play it. And through it all, Tim dancing like mad; apparently the man cannot stand still for even a second unless he's singing. I simply adore the way he dances like a leaf on the winds. And Saul always watches at least one of the others intently during every song, if not Tim, then Larry or Jim when Tim wanders out into the audience (which he did on numerous occasions)... unless he's sawing away on violin, then he's lost in his own world.

Maybe it's because they're musicians who make music because they have something to say, not because they want to get paid. Sure, getting paid is a perk, but those who do it to get paid first say the same things over and over and echo all the others who have nothing to say.

James is the kind of band that always has something to say, and more often than not -- no matter where you are in your life -- it makes sense.

More on my triumphant return to blogging tomorrow!

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