I'm not crazy...

...I'm just laughing at myself.
—James, 'Crazy'

I just found out my favorite band in the world is touring the U.S. in the fall. Check out James here. They're like U2 if U2 were actually good. But every time I see Tim Booth without hair, I giggle just a bit. He looks so sinister, when he's anything but sinister in reality.

I'm hoping I can convince my husband that we really do need to go see them in September.

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  1. "They're like U2 if U2 were actually good."


    Noah and I like to listen to "Crazy" when we're on the road. :)

  2. Ok, ehem, despite your post, I managed to make myself go to the James website and then on to Amazon to listen to a few James songs. They have a good sound. I'm avid U2 fan... and I just can't compare them. But, I am glad you introduced them to me and I hope you get to go see them in concert.

  3. I hope you get to go see them!