Never Use RoundUp on Your Garden or Lawn


Well, first... RoundUp is produced by the Monsanto corporation (they're the ones who made Agent Orange and to this day still deny any harmful effects on humans besides a slight skin rash and refuse to aid tens of thousands of people who suffer from birth defects, disabilities and other health problems due to exposure to Agent Orange).

Monsanto also likes to sue small farmers who want to provide milk free of rBGH, a growth hormone that has been banned for health reasons in every other industrialized nation except the United States. Monsanto, the no. 1 producer of this growth hormone, decided that these dairies should not have the right to tell us that their products are rBGH-free... and they actually got away with it.

There are many more reasons why not to use RoundUp because it's a Monsanto product, but the main reason I have for you today is that it will kill everything on your lawn... and the grass dies first.

My husband and I had bought two bottles of Ortho Weed B Gone (not knowing that Monsanto had recently bought them out too). We ran out, he went back to the store to get two more bottles to finish the other half of the backyard. They were out of Ortho, but he got RoundUp because it was on sale.... mmmhmm.

And this is what the part of the yard that had RoundUp sprayed on it looks like now. The soil is high acidic on that side of the yard to begin with, but last summer I was just starting to get some of the centipede grass to send runners and it wasn't looking too bad.

Now... we just have a brown spotty field with lots of clover and freakin' cactii growing up out of nowhere.

So this, my dear readers, is a warning to anyone who is getting ready to spray some RoundUp on your garden or lawn... plus, you don't want to be supporting Monsanto anymore than we already do by default just eating mean (think of all the animals that are fed RoundUp's GMO corn products).

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  1. Wow. I never knew! Thanks for the info. I can't believe it. It's just a shame that you had to find out with your lawn. I will not buy Round Up. No way!

  2. Want to see just how pervasive Monsanto is in real life? Check out Month without Monsanto ( Pretty cool project and very revealing.

    And sometime read Vandana Shiva's Stolen Harvest (I have a copy if you want to borrow it).

  3. Wow! Good information...I have used Roundup in the past...huge yard, many weeds. Guess I'll look for something more eco friendly.