This week's Happy List


My biggest happy thing right now is this:

I got it at an estate auction last weekend for $35! A huge camphor wood chest with dragons carved in it. Dragons! Look at all that dragon-y awesomeness.

And it matches a set of smaller wooden boxes I've had for 16 years (that oddly enough, I also got at an auction). It's holding about 1/4 of my fabric collection at the moment and lives under a dining table turned craft/gaming table, but I hope one day to bring it out into the living room as a coffee table because it's freakin' awesome.

I'm also really happy about MyMemories digital scrapbooking software. I've been making more little quick pages for baby Ian:

I can print these out and hand-letter them, then slide them into protectors and bind them all together (when I get a chance!). You can win a copy of this same software by clicking that link on my right sidebar (that one that talks about entering my giveaway, eh?)

I'm thankful for zentangles. 

Right now I'm really thankful for the Diva's weekly challenge and the Yahoo groups ZIA swaps I'm in. They're the only way I can make any art these days. I stack pillows in my lap and let Ian nurse while I draw on these 3.5 x 3.5 inch cards. It takes me a few days just to do one entire tile, but they do help relax me and keep my artistic motor skills honed.

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  1. nice deal on the box...something to be happy about indeed!!

    thanks for linking up, your baby is precious!

  2. That chest is AMAZING! What an awesome buy!!!
    Ahhhhhh your sweet lil man is so stinkin cute. :)