The White Tree of Gondor

We all know that the White Tree of Gondor stood dead in the courtyard until the King's return, but unless you've read the books, you won't know this bit of the story:

When Aragorn became king he discovered (with Gandalf's help) a sapling of the White Tree upon the slopes of Mindolluin, high above the city, which he reverently planted in the Court of the Fountain. The dead tree was removed from the court but was placed in the Tombs of the Kings with all the honour that would normally be accorded a fallen monarch.

To represent this fourth White Tree of Gondor, I've created this lovely necklace, available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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    Love your necklaces, and the fact that you're interested in a sustainable lifestyle. We're big on that too :)


  2. It's one of your best pieces, beautiful sparkle.