New Paintings!

These are the 5" x 7" mini-paintings I donated for the Art Anonymous project in June.

The first one, 'Wild Sisters,' was one of those "happy accidents," as Bob Ross calls them. It started as a palette knife painting, but I had a CD on in the background (I don't even remember which one) and an accidental synaesthetic image dropped onto the canvas. The first crow was unmistakable, so I added the red and the gold crows on either side.


The second one, 'Luminary - Synaesthetic 1', was a result of working while watching my favorite show in the world, 'Millennium.' It was the episode 'Luminary,' the one where the kid disappears into the wilds of Alaska and Frank has to go off and search for him without the Group's help. The music alone to the episode was probably one of the best scores Mark Snow composed for the entire series, and this little mini-painting shows part of the visuals I get from the music. You can't tell in the small/medium sizes on Flickr, but the large image shows the metallic golds and copper much better. It's unusual for music to produce a metallic color with my synaesthesia, but violins and cellos usually cause a sheen to seep through.


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  1. I love the bold colors you're utilizing, so vibrant and I'm a fool for crows and ravens. a happy accident indeed!