Weekly Tangle Challenge - 'Duo Tangle'

This week's Zentangle® challenge from The Diva prompted us to use 2 specific tangles and ONLY those two tangles -- Dex and Verdigogh. I read a lot of other bloggers who didn't find this challenge very fun, and I have to confess, I had a bit of trouble with it myself.

Not the using only two tangles, but because I have never, ever used either tangle ever before. I hadn't even drawn them in my sampler pages for reference for future use. I was lost.

After adding them to my sampler section, I practiced a few bits, then jumped right in with my newest little sketchbook I bought from World Market. (the camera lost the photo of the outside of the sketchbook, but it's bright fuschia with a gorgeous gold embossed paisley pattern that reminded me of tangles).

Here's my actual attempt at combining Dex and Verdigogh.

Once I started working with Verdigogh, I really liked it. Erin Koetz Olson called it 'Hollibaugh on steroids,' which is an accurate description. Being that Hollibaugh is one of my favorites to fall back on when I have no special plans for a space, I can see Verdigogh coming in when I want to finish out an edge with a nice flourish.

I wasn't too crazy about Dex because I don't really dig grid patterns. For me, boxes just seem anti-Zen because somewhere in there, I don't like being confined to a little box. I don't even like the original boxy version of Cadent, but I love the circular, swirly version.

But aside from a dislike of grid patterns, I had fun with this challenge and I discovered a new favorite pattern that I should have tried out long before now!

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  1. Just drive by blogging today, and my wheels stopped here. Great site!
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  2. Love the balance between black and white! Well done!

  3. Smashing tangle I'm with you on the grid thing but this combination gives lots of scope to deal with that and you have. XOXO Zoe