Wild Art!

I'm taking a weird approach to my doodles lately -- I want to release them into the wild! So for the next month, I'm taking a lot of my experiments and small doodles (4 x 5.5 inches or smaller) and just leaving them around town wherever I go. If I get a cup of chai, I'll drop a hand-drawn postcard on the table when I leave. When I go out to lunch on Fridays with my family, I'll leave an ATC where someone can find it.

I want to GIVE art to the world. I have to start with my little town first!

If you've been lucky enough to find one of my art pices so far, congratulations! It's not fabulous like winning the lottery or anything, but I do hope it at least brought a smile to your face. That alone is the price I want for my little doodles -- knowing that somewhere out there, someone's day got a tiny bit brighter because of something I did.

If you would like, leave a comment or email me a "happy found art" picture of yourself so I can add it to the gallery!

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